Energy Assessment

For the first time ever, you can make decisions armed with definitive and objective evidence, coupled with an eye-opening understanding of how your home or building works.

What is an Energy Assessment?

Air sealing is a service designed to tighten your home’s border between the conditioned (that is, heated and cooled) and unconditioned outdoor air. By strengthening this boundary (which is commonly referred to as the “building envelope”), the heated and cooled air in your home is less likely to escape. Your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to get your home to a desired temperature, meaning they can operate more efficiently.

SEAL’s “Clipboard” Energy Assessment

Our clipboard assessment is a great place to start evaluating your space’s energy efficiency. This assessment is an interior and exterior inspection of your space. Our professional energy consultants will take a close look at:

  • structure type
  • heating and cooling systems
  • water heater
  • insulation
  • air infiltration areas (where the unwanted air is leaking into your building)
  • lighting efficiency

Our team will also conduct a health and safety inspection of gas leaks and combustion appliances, as well as an in-depth interview with you to discuss comfort issues and any specific concerns you have.

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SEAL’s In-Depth Energy Assessment

Our more in-depth energy assessment options use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint areas in your home that need efficiency upgrades. The tools we use include a blower door and duct blaster help us determine the specific needs of your building. Typical energy efficiency upgrades we suggest include air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation. If needed, we can use an infrared camera, and/or perform an indoor air quality evaluation that tests for mold and air with high VOC (volatile organic content) levels.

Your Post-Assessment Report

Once your energy assessment is complete, we’ll present a detailed report to you that outlines the areas in need of improvement, the upgrades we suggest, and the predicted outcomes of the upgrades. Our team also uses energy modeling software that calculates applicable utility incentives, net cost of the upgrades, and predicted return on your investment.
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Home Energy Assessments

Utility programs will pay up to $100 for a professional energy assessment (which for most clients means a completely free assessment) completed by an approved provider (like SEAL). The program has two types of assessments: Tier One and Tier Two. In a Tier One Survey, we’ll complete a walk-through assessment of your home. Our team will help identify areas of inefficiency in your home. A Tier Two Assessment is more in-depth, and once completed, the utility program will provide incentive coupons for strategic energy upgrades.

Energy Rebates for Your Home

Your energy assessment will uncover areas of the home that need an energy efficiency upgrade. Utility programs offer energy rebates for energy improvements outlined by your assessment. These improvements can include:

  • Air sealing
  • Duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Air conditioner replacement

Whiles energy assessment rebates do not cover 100% of the cost of the improvements, the incentives cover a percentage. How much the rebates cover depends on the results of the energy assessment and how much improvement your home requires. The SEAL team will always go over the ROI so that you will know the return on your investment BEFORE you move forward with the work.

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