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Air Conditioning Installation

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Beat the Southern heat!

With the heat and humidity of Arkansas summers continually on the rise, we understand how important it is for homeowners to have an AC unit that functions optimally all summer long. Our team at Seal Energy Solutions is proud to offer professional air conditioner installation services to residential customers across Central Arkansas (and our heating and air footprint continues to grow).

Taking the Whole-Home Approach

When assessing the needs of your particular home, we look at the existing relationships among your home’s various systems. Taking what is known as the “holistic,” or “whole-house” approach, we look at the interacting components of your home, including (but not limited to) your cooling and heating systems, appliances, insulation, air sealing, lighting, local climate, and more. We understand that all of these systems work together to create an indoor environment in your home. This approach allows us to pair optimal efficiency with peak performance, capitalizing on the interrelated nature of your home to get you the best AC system possible.

Installation Matters!

Even the best air conditioners will fail to deliver if they are not installed properly. Our team of dedicated professionals have years of experience installing all kinds of AC units for a broad range of homes, and continually works with precision and integrity. We’ll ensure your system, be it an American Standard, Goodman, or a different brand, is installed correctly the first time, in a way that maximizes its efficiency and meets the unit’s promised comfort and electricity savings.

Manual J Load Calculation

To properly size your new AC unit, our team uses Manual J methodology. Using a complex series of calculations and inputs, we determine the thermal characteristics of each part of your home (including how much heat your home gains during the summer months). We’ll also take into account location, orientation with the sun, occupants, and more. This invaluable data allows us to size a unit that will effectively meet your home’s cooling needs.

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